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Elevate Communication, Cultivate Leadership, and Optimize Business Systems

Are You a Business Owner or Team Leader Hungry for Sustainable Growth?

Don’t navigate the labyrinth of entrepreneurship alone. Connect with a community driven by the same goals—innovation, leadership, and exponential growth.

Introducing the CorEthos Mastermind Program

This exclusive gathering of like-minded professionals offers a tailored experience aimed at solving your most pressing challenges.

What You Get

✔ Personalized Action Plans
Create clear roadmaps for your business journey.

✔ Pre-Session Materials
Gain preparatory insights that add value to each session.

✔ Resource Vault Access
Utilize an arsenal of exclusive tools and insights.

✔ Slack Channel Community
Build lasting relationships and foster accountability.

✔ Discounted CorEthos Services
Get expert guidance without breaking the bank.

Daily Standup discussion

Mastermind Membership Tiers


$68/month – $680.00 for an Annual Membership

1-Hour Monthly Mastermind Session

Oppourtunity to connect and share challenges with a group of five other like-minded professionals looking to grow and support others in their path towards success.

Slack Connect Channel

A hosted Slack Channel to offer support outside the Mastermind sessions. You can share challenges and support your cohort members developing community and expand your network.

10% Discount on all services and packages offered

Full access to all packages and offerings from CorEthos at a discounted rate to support you and your team's growth and scale.

Core is where it's at, where do I sign... Right Here!

Core MasterMind

You are about to become a Core Founding Member

Subtotal $68.00

Total Amount: $68.00

Recurring amount $68.00 every 1 month


$144.50/month – $1445.00 for an Annual Membership

Everything in Core

Elevate your business acumen with added benefits, such as a 30-minute monthly consulting session and guest passes to share with friends or co-workers.

1:1 Session Monthly

One 30-minute private consulting session per month to discuss your path specifically and/or any challenges you or your team are facing.

Access to the CorEthos Vault of Resources

You will have access to our Resource Vault and have the chance to influence future content to support everyone in their journey to success.

Personalized Action Plan 

After each session you will be emailed an action plan based on what you shared summarized with feedback and support you received during the sessions.

Team or Leadership Development

4 Guest Passes for 30-minute 2:1 sessions upon annual membership purchase

I'm ready for growth... Sign me UP!

Welcome to Growth

You are about to become a Founding Growth Member

Subtotal $144.50

Total Amount: $144.50

Recurring amount $144.50 every 1 month


$220/month – $2,200 for an Annual Membership

Everything in Growth

Experience the ultimate journey toward your peak potential. Benefit from personalized consultations, weekly Office Hours, and an exclusive learning environment aimed at achieving exceptional outcomes.

Deeper 1:1 Sessions

Choice of one hour-long private consulting session per month or two 30-minute sessions

Access to Office Hours

Access to an hour-long Office Hour Session weekly for quick advice and problem-solving

Team or Leadership Development

4 Guest Passes for 30-minute 2:1 sessions upon annual membership purchase

First Access to Programs & Packages

Developing systems to recognize and reward cultural champions within the organization.

Ultimate Journey is for me... I want to hit the highest peaks

Welcome to Ascent!

You are about to become a Founding Ascent Member

Subtotal $220.00

Total Amount: $220.00

Recurring amount $220.00 every 1 month

What is the CorEthos Mastermind?

The CorEthos Mastermind is a community of business owners, founders, and team leaders focused on fostering growth through mutual learning, psychological safety, and expert guidance. We provide different membership tiers with varying benefits, from group discussions to one-on-one consultations.

Who is this Mastermind for?

A: This Mastermind is designed for business leaders, be that the owner or founder over to to a manager of a team leading a group who's looking to improve. These leaders are committed to growth, are open to learning, and wish to foster a culture of collaboration and humanity in their business operations.

How many members are included in each session?

We aim to include 5 members in each mastermind from unique industries to offer unique perspectives but balanced experiences to offer appropriate advice and feedback to each other for the best overall experience, learning, and growth.

How often are the Mastermind sessions held?

Once a month with options for 1:1 or 2:1 sessions outside of the set monthly meetings.

What is the format of a typical Mastermind session?

Each session begins with a 5-minute introduction, followed by 10 minutes allotted to each member to discuss a challenge they're facing. The community then collaboratively offers ideas or solutions. The session concludes with 5-minute closing thoughts from the host.

What is included in the Personalized Action Plan?

The Personalized Action Plan is a summary of the insights, suggestions, and commitments from each session, tailored to individual needs and challenges. It serves as tangible document of accountability and serves as a cronical of your growth journey.

What can I find in the Resource Vault?

Our Resource Vault is a curated collection of tools, articles, and templates to empower you in Communication, Leadership, and Business Systems.

What does the consulting session entail in the Growth and Ascent memberships?

The consulting session is a dedicated one-on-one time with a CorEthos expert, focusing on a specific challenge you're facing, from leadership to business systems.

What are Office Hour Sessions in the Ascent Membership?

Office Hour Sessions are sessions where Ascent Members can drop in for quick advice and problem-solving without a prior appointment. It allows you to network with those not in your mastermind cohort and learn from other leaders in parallel industries.

How do Guest Passes work?

With an annual membership, Growth and Ascent Members receive 4 Guest Passes that can be shared with friends or co-workers for 30-minute 2:1 sessions. It is an excellent opportunity to expose high performers to consulting to see how it can directly impact your team or co-workers through learning alignment that can carry forward into the workplace.

How do I join the Slack channel?

Upon enrollment, you'll receive an invitation to join a private Slack channel for your cohort.

Can I switch between membership tiers?

Yes, you can switch your membership level at the beginning of each billing cycle with a 30-day notice if you are looking to downgrade. Unfortunately, there are no refunds on Annual memberships but they are transferable.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your membership with a 30-day notice. Annual memberships are non-refundable but can be transferred.

How are cohorts formed?

Cohorts are carefully curated based on common goals, challenges, and levels of experience to ensure a cohesive and beneficial group experience.

What topics will the Mastermind cover?

While the specific topics can vary, they will generally align with CorEthos' three pillars: Communication, Leadership, and Business Systems. As it's primarily open forum that the host guides, it can be vast but you will have your moment to ask your questions and receive feedback each session.

Are sessions recorded?

No, sessions are not recorded but transcribed to support the Personalized Action Plan each member of your mastermind receives. Your PAP is derived from the transcription but nobody receives the complete transcription. If you have further questions, please feel free to email Cora@CorEthos.com 

What if I have more questions?

For further inquiries or questions, please feel free to email Cora@CorEthos.com