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Our Core Focus Areas

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Marketing Strategy

We believe how you market internally is as important as how you market your business externally. We collaborate and guide our clients primarily in their digital media externally to share the company's stories through content, email, community, and social media. At the same time, we celebrate what builds stories internally.



We understand communication is key, and we believe that how you communicate with your team is just as important as how you communicate with your clients & community externally. We work primarily with leadership and management to refine how they communicate with their teams.

Business Consulting - Idea and Implementation

Strategy & Idea Implementation

CorEthos sits with our clients’ leadership as it develops its strategy. Once those guideposts are set, we help implement those ideas into fruition. Our integrated business development process helps solve problems and leverage opportunities to accelerate outcomes for our clients’ plans, projects, and programs.

Organizational Culture

Our culture shapes how we experience an organization – from our customers’ perspectives and suppliers. It informs company policies and workplace design.

Leaders play a big role in shaping culture and can help define values and principles that guide organizational behaviour.

Meet The Founder

Hi, I'm Chandler

A Canadian businessman who founded his first company at age 21. Since then, after working in the Retail Construction space for over 25 years, he has moved on to consulting. As an avid entrepreneur and innovator, he knew he could contribute to the marketplace meaningfully. He has spent the last few years consulting some of the most sought after brands in retail.

Business Consulting That Simply Works.

Working with Chandler has changed everything. I’ve been a Solopreneur for 20 + years. I’m new to leading a growing team of 30+ members. The leadership coaching has given me the inspiration and systems I’ve needed to repair the mistakes I unknowingly made. His guidance gives me much-needed energy to step up and do this daunting endeavor with compassion and conviction. I look forward to learning as we dive in deeper each week. I’m determined to learn how to do what it takes to continue creating a collaborative, thriving community & company.

– Christine Y.


“It's just more rewarding to do things in a supportive environment”

-Alan Mulally