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Chandler Cutler - CEO of Corethos

Chandler Cutler

Founder / CEO

A Canadian businessman who founded his first company at age 21. Since then, after working in the Retail Construction space for over 25 years, he has moved on to consulting. As an avid entrepreneur and innovator, he knew he could contribute to the marketplace meaningfully.

His eye for detail and awareness of how displays should be perceived gained his team recognition to work for the most sought-after brands in retail. Word spread quickly about the teams he leads and their high standard and ability to systematize installations allowing further growth in the retail space and the need for nationwide travel for services. Chandler’s tenacity and unwillingness to allow anything less than greatness to continue with him today. It keeps those he's responsible for on the path needed to succeed in any space they find themselves working. He knows and has passed down the idea that customers may forget a flaw in a product, but they will never forget a bad experience. So everything possible should be done to ensure a positive experience.

Self-education is a constant for Chandler, always looking for ways to educate himself and his team about the newest and most significant; whether tactical, strategic, or otherwise, he encourages everyone on the team to stretch and grow. Change is constant; he understands that and influences his team to think the same way, allowing those he leads to be agile and tenacious in their various spaces. Chandler believes that as long as you are willing to put in the work, nothing is identified as a problem, simply an opportunity, and that is reflected in the way his team operates.

Why Corethos?

Everyone has a right to their humanity. We believe that right extends to their employment, and how they are treated and led by those who hold the responsibility to develop and grow them–Not just as team members of a company–as members of all of the communities that we engage. Through open communication, honesty, transparency, compassion, empathy, and truth.

We’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, so we’ll provide ongoing support and advice throughout the process. With our expertise and your vision, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Corethos can help you reach your goals.

Our Mission

At CorEthos, we aim to help companies take their ideas and turn them into successful realities. We strive to empower business leaders by guiding them to build a culture within their companies that attracts and inspires those who follow them to be the best versions of themselves. To give back to the community that supports them through engagement and return purchases.

Our passionate and collaborative team is committed to helping you, and your leaders thrive in every aspect of their stewardship, sharing the most progressive marketing, sales, and culture-building methods available based on current data and science. With Corethos’ guidance, your business will have the capacity to transform any challenge into a powerful driving force for success. From startups to established companies, our tailored performance strategies can help you achieve your goals faster and more successfully.

Your Trusted Growth Partners

We offer trusted guidance as your growth partner throughout any journey your business may take. Our experienced consultants and industry experts can help you navigate employment structures, create positive workplace cultures, manage organizational changes, and develop strategies that set your business up for success. With our comprehensive analysis of all the factors that could impact the growth of your business, there’s nothing stopping you from unlocking its full potential! Let Corethos be the dependable and inspiring partner you need on your entrepreneurial journey.