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Our Story

Founded by a devoted Canadian entrepreneur, Chandler, at the age of 21, CorEthos began its journey in the Residential and Retail Construction sphere, amassing over 25 years of invaluable experience.

Chandler's meticulous eye for detail and profound understanding of market presentation catapulted his teams to the forefront, earning them the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious brands in fashion and tech. The reputation of delivering excellence burgeoned, paving the way for national engagements and unveiling a broader horizon of possibilities.

Chandler's unwavering commitment to uphold nothing less than excellence continues to be the compass guiding CorEthos, ensuring every endeavor we undertake resonates with our core values and mission.

Bringing Humanity Back To Business.

Our Mission

In the vast expanse of the business cosmos, amidst a whirlpool of numbers and transactions, lies the core essence of our being – our humanity. It's the gentle, yet potent force that binds us, inspires us, and propels us towards a legacy of meaningful impact.

At CorEthos, our mission is to rekindle this intrinsic essence, to weave it into the fabric of your business narrative, ushering in a realm where empathy, integrity, and communal growth are the stalwarts. Our mission is not just a statement; it's a journey towards transcending the transactional, towards nurturing a culture where every stakeholder is valued, every voice is heard, and every action resonates with a higher purpose.

Let's Redefine Success

It's about crafting a narrative where success is not measured merely by the financial milestones but by the lives touched, the relationships fostered, and the positive ripple effects created in the broader spectrum of society.

As you traverse the business landscape, laden with challenges yet brimming with possibilities, CorEthos stands as your companion, your guide. With us, you're not merely navigating the current challenges; you're embarking on a transformative journey that will unveil the empathic leader within you, the leader who views business not as a battlefield but as a fertile ground for creating lasting value, nurturing relationships, and making a difference that echoes through time.

We invite you to join hands with CorEthos, to transcend the ordinary metrics of success, and to step into a domain where your business becomes a conduit for positive change, a platform that echoes with the harmonious blend of prosperity and humanity.

Our engagement is not about telling you what to do; it's about journeying alongside you as you discover, evolve, and become the beacon of inspirational and compassionate leadership you've always aspired to be. Together, let's redefine success, let’s infuse our business narrative with a humanity that inspires, resonates, and leaves a legacy of positive impact.

The mission statement “Bringing Humanity Back to Business” evokes a profound commitment to reinstating the essence of human values, interactions, and empathy in the business realm. It's a call to transcend the often mechanistic and transactional nature of business operations, embracing instead a culture where individuals are valued, relationships are nurtured, and ethical principles are upheld.

Our Services

Guiding Principles for Lasting Partnerships

Compassionate Leadership

We foster a culture of leadership that transcends job titles or positions. Leading with empathy, compassion, integrity, and accountability, we are devoted to nurturing and evolving those we lead through modeling, teaching, and development.

Clarity in Execution

Transparency and inclusivity are the hallmarks of our operational blueprint. A well-articulated plan shared with everyone ensures collective effort towards common goals, fostering a positive, solution-oriented environment.

People Centric Dynamics

We value the choice of every team member to be part of our journey. Encouraging a family culture, we prioritize people over processes, facilitating a supportive environment that acknowledges mistakes as learning opportunities.

Excellence in Production

Pride in what we create and who we collaborate with is fundamental. Delivering exceptional value to our clients and partners reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Lifelong Learning

A culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing underpins our quest for excellence. Embracing feedback with curiosity, we foster a growth mindset within our organization.

Courageous Communication

We advocate for a culture where open, respectful, and fearless communication is the norm. We strive for clarity in expression and seek to understand before being understood, paving the way for collaborative problem-solving.


Operating with integrity, we uphold a culture of mutual accountability. We are committed to being kind yet firm, fostering a culture of respect, support, and appreciation.

No Assumptions

We promote a culture of inquiry and understanding, where questions are encouraged to gain clarity and foster informed decision-making.

Chandler Cutler

Founder / CEO

Embarking on the entrepreneurial voyage at the tender age of 21, Chandler laid the cornerstone of what would become a rich legacy of leadership, communication, and tenacity. Over the span of two decades, his journey burgeoned into a narrative of relentless grit and refined systematic frameworks. It’s a narrative replete with lessons learned from the crucible of real-world business challenges and triumphs

In 2020, this wealth of experience culminated in the inception of CorEthos. The vision was clear – to transpose the invaluable insights, disciplined processes, and a robust framework that had been the hallmark of Chandler's 20-year long journey, onto a platform that would serve as a linchpin for businesses and leaders yearning for sustainable growth and success.

CorEthos now stands as a testament to Chandler’s unwavering resolve and a rich legacy. It’s not just a consultancy, but a partner to companies and leaders, offering a reservoir of practical wisdom and proven strategies. The essence of two decades of leadership, communication acumen, and a tenacious spirit is encapsulated in every engagement CorEthos undertakes.

Chandler’s ethos of building not just successful ventures, but creating environments where ideas flourish, teams synchronize, and visions transform into reality, is the bedrock upon which CorEthos is built. 

Today, Chandler, along with his adept team at CorEthos, is committed to navigating businesses through the labyrinth of challenges towards a vista of growth, sustainability, and exemplary leadership. Together with CorEthos, Chandler invites you to embark on a journey of transformation, fortified with the essence of real-world experience, unyielding perseverance, and a blueprint of success honed over two decades.

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Why Choose Corethos?

Everyone has a right to their humanity. We believe that right extends to their employment, and how they are treated and led by those who hold the responsibility to develop and grow them–Not just as team members of a company–as members of all of the communities that we engage. Through open communication, honesty, transparency, compassion, empathy, and truth.

We’re dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, so we’ll provide ongoing support and advice throughout the process. With our expertise and your vision, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Corethos can help you reach your goals.

Humanity First

Placing people at the heart of all we do, Corethos emphasizes the importance of compassion, understanding, and the collective human experience. We champion values that prioritize individuals over mere metrics.

Holistic Approach

We believe in considering the entire picture. By integrating various aspects and perspectives, we provide solutions that encompass all facets of a situation or challenge.

Transparent Communication

We believe in considering the entire picture. By integrating various aspects and perspectives, we provide solutions that encompass all facets of a situation or challenge.

Long-Term Commitment

Our dedication goes beyond short-term engagements. We're in it for the long haul, committed to supporting our clients' growth and success over time.

Unwavering Support

Through thick and thin, Corethos stands by your side. Our unwavering support ensures that you always have a reliable partner to turn to, no matter the challenge.

Your Trusted Growth Partners

We offer trusted guidance as your growth partner throughout any journey your business may take. Our experienced consultants and industry experts can help you navigate employment structures, create positive workplace cultures, manage organizational changes, and develop strategies that set your business up for success. With our comprehensive analysis of all the factors that could impact the growth of your business, there’s nothing stopping you from unlocking its full potential! Let Corethos be the dependable and inspiring partner you need on your entrepreneurial journey.